How do you design the way you work with each other? 

What organizational structure does your product need? 

What leadership does your company need from you? 

Culture Design helps to navigate, inspire and develop company culture. We support leaders and teams in shaping a new understanding of leadership and develop strong relationships as a foundation for success.


What organizational structure is needed?
What is certain in agile environments?
How to create trust? 



How to create connection?
How to avoid shame-based power structures?
How to stay connected to the vision?


How to maintain a steep learning curve
How to define personal growth? 
How to grow in a healthy way?



How can people with broad skill sets contribute? 
How to contribute to the bigger ecosystem?
How to evaluate performance?


How to appreciate and learn from each other?
How to develop a mindset of accountability?
How to incentivize?


How to stay innovative?
How to keep raising the bar?
How to stay curious and open?

Culture is created, the moment two people come together.

By the way we communicate, how we hold us accountable and how we distribute power.
How we fail, solve conflict, the way we hire and fire and how we structure work.

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